Discussions for cooperation with Belgium on postgraduate training

On March 10th 2016, an extended discussion on graduate training was held by USSH’s Faculty of Psychology and Department of Educational Sciences, University of Liege (Ulg) and Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) (Belgium).


The discussion happened in Dinh Tien Hoang campus and was taken part by USSH’s leading figures and the two partner universities’ head professors. USSH’s leaders were Dr. Ngo Thi Phuong Lan, Deputy Secretary of USSH’s Party Committee, Vice President of USSH, Mr. Bang Anh Tuan, MA., the Head of USSH’s Office of International Cooperations and Project Management, Dr. Ngo Xuan Diep, Dean of USSH’s Faculty of Psychology, Ms. Le Thi Mai Lien, MA., and Mr. Le Hoang The Huy, MA., who are Vietnamese coordinators of these joint projects, and Mr. Nguyen Huynh Luan, who is the project assistant of joint educational programmes. From Belgian universities, there were Prof. Jacques Gregoire, Ulg’s representative, Prof. Christelle Maillart, Ulg’s representative, and Dr. HoangThi Van, moderator of Belgian affiliate programmes for postgraduate students.


Representatives at the meeting on the psychologial research cooperation. Photo: Ngoc Bien

Both sides discussed matters in the cooperation project between Vietnam and Belgium. They also considered to build a long-term plan called “Assessment and psychological intervention for disordered school children” which will be divided into two courses. The first course will last three years (from Sep 2016 to Sep 2019) with the ratio between Belgian lecturers and Vietnamese lecturers will be 70%-30%. The second course will last 2.5 years (from Sep 2018 to June 2021) and Belgium will transfer scientist and technological skills and methods to Vietnam. During this course the ratio between Belgian lecturers and Vietnamese lectures will be 40%-60%. After 5 years of cooperation, Belgium will transfer the whole courses and technologies to Vietnam with 100% Vietnamese lectures in charge of these courses.

According to Prof. Jacques Gregoire, representative of Louvain University, the main aims of the project are providing and giving practice to knowledge related to quantitative assessment and intervention to specially needed children in schools; transferring technologies and skills to Vietnamese experts; providing professional training for psychologists so that they can apply the knowledge into schools to help disordered children; and last but not least reaching a long-term goal to build training programs of Master of Psychology specially for those who work with school kids in the near future to develop this area in Vietnam.

As planned, the programs will be funded by Louvain University and Liege University. Moreover, Belgium also supports Vietnam by giving two postgraduate scholarships for candidates from USSH. The whole project will officially start on September, 2016.
Photo and News: Ngoc Bien

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